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Private Lessons

On top of group lessons, we also offer private lessons for individual learn-to-swim needs. Private lessons offer the advantage of 1 on 1 instruction which can enable students to overcome certain difficulties that cannot be addressed in a group lesson setting. Private lessons are customizable to help with individual needs but also follow our proprietary and science-based curriculum for an alternative way of learning to swim.

  • Flexible curriculum options for any swimmer regardless of age or experience
  • 100% of the instructor time and focus dedicated to a single swimmer
  • Peace of mind of advancing through levels at a swimmers own pace regardless of how their peers are doing

Assessment week:

Our full and complete swimming education program includes monthly assessments of each swimmer’s technical and practical progress. Swimmers have the freedom to learn at their own pace and graduate to the next level when they are ready. No one fails and no one gets left behind.

Survival Week:

In addition to our real-life focus, every month includes Survival Week training, where we work on core survival skills. Kids will learn what it’s like to swim with their clothes on, how to call for and receive help, how to tread water, and more.

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