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Purpose-Built Facilities

We know kids learn best when all they need to worry about is having fun. We also know there’s nothing worse than dragging your child to swimming lessons where the water is cold, the pool smells and the deep-end seems way too deep!

Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with kids in mind

  • Our water is always 32°C or warmer—guaranteed no shivering;
  • Our pools are a maximum of 4 ft deep;
  • Our water is crystal clear, UV-filtered and turned over every 90 minutes so it is super-clean and sanitary; and
  • Our change rooms have tangle-free, no tears shampoo and hair dryers.

Take a virtual tour of our facilities to see for yourself!

We’ve taken care of your needs too!

  • Parent-viewing area complete with free Wi-Fi and comfy seating to watch your kids swim;
  • Heated and ample change space including family-sized changerooms because there’s nothing worse than trying to put your child’s bathing suit on in a small box; and
  • Tons of parking year-round and close to grocery stores and shopping.

Register for your lessons today through our online registration form!

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