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Science-Based Curriculum

The 21st century is pretty cool. We have cellphones that connect us to the world in our pockets, electric cars are cruising around the city, and we’re well on our way to Mars.

So why is swimming still taught the old way, with a curriculum built back when bell-bottoms were cool and designed to teach one kid at a time while the others sit around and watch?

We know there’s a better way—one that’s not only science-based and focused on safety and survival, but so much FUN!

Our Kids Can Swim proprietary and science-based curriculum focuses on combining great technique with real-life safety and survival scenarios. Just like you can’t drive by reading the manual, you can’t learn water safety by just knowing technique. You need real-life experience!

We are guided by three core teaching principles

  1. Kids learn best through play – all our lessons are designed to be fun and engaging, so your kids remember what they’re learning and want to come back
  2. Active learning – we know kids learn through doing, so our classes are focused on having all the kids moving, practicing and learning at the same time (not waiting their turn)
  3. Technique + real life – our program focuses both on teaching solid technique and on providing kids with real life experience to solidify their knowledge

We teach correct freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique and even a little butterfly. This is a perfect way for your child or children to transition to a swim club or simply show off these strokes at a pool party or in a lake.

Come see the KidsCanSwim difference and book your lessons today!

Learning Guarantee

We know our product works and that if kids attend their weekly lessons regularly, they will progress through our program and become confident and safe swimmers for life. To that end, we offer a learning guarantee to all our swimmers. If your child has been at the same level for more than 20 lessons and hasn’t graduated, your swimming lessons will be free until he or she graduates to the next level.

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