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KCS Summer 2024 SwimBoost 

We are excited to announce the opening of the KidsCanSwim Summer SwimBoost! KCS SwimBoost is a weekly intensive program that runs from Monday to Friday at the same time and with the same aquatic educator for 5 consecutive days.

To register, start by finding your child’s KCS level using our KCS Level Finder. When you’re ready to register, you can do so through our parent portal!

KCS Summer SwimBoost

  • 5 x 30-minute lessons at the same time on consecutive days from Monday to Friday;
  • A 3:1 or 4:1 Child-to-Aquatic Educator ratio;
  • For kids 3 – 13 years old – no parents in the water;
  • Have fun, learn to swim and build your child’s confidence;
  • 60% + of Active Learning Time (Time that your child is moving and taking instructions);
  • Lessons in our warm, shiver-free and shallow pools.

Price: $152.50/week + HST

Register Now

*FULL REFUNDS ARE ONLY PROVIDED if classes are cancelled 7 days before the first lesson. In order to qualify for a refund, cancellations must be done through the parent portal.

Why Choose SwimBoost?

There are a number of benefits SwimBoost provides to both our existing swimmers and new swimmers coming back to the pool after an extended break.

  1. They provide great value – swimming every day of the week is like fitting an entire month’s worth of practice and lessons into a shorter amount of time. This is a great refresher course for kids who have been out of the water for a little while or an awesome way for swimmers to work through a specific challenging skill.
  2. We know repetition works – it takes practice to become a water safe swimmer. Frequent lessons work to build muscle memory and this provides the perfect setting for frequent exposure and practice.
  3. Kids build great relationships with their Aquatic Educators – seeing their AEs on a daily basis helps kids bond and trust their AEs, which ultimately leads to better learning.
  4. Water safety – each of our lesson plans include components of water safety skills and we devote an entire day during your SwimBoost week specifically to safety and survival. As your kids head off to summer camps and pool parties, SwimBoost provides a much needed refresher on how to stay safe in and around water.

How to Register

Registration for our SwimBoost sessions begins by creating an account on our parent portal at this link. Once you’ve created an account and added your swimmers, use our current class search by selecting the Summer SwimBoost program, picking your child’s level, and choosing the time and week that works for you! Click on this linkto watch our step-by-step videos for registration!

Finding Your SwimBoost Level

If your child currently swims with us, they should register for a SwimBoost at their current level.

If you are new to KidsCanSwim, there are two ways to pick which KCS level works for you. You can use our KCS Level Finder tool OR attend one of our free assessment days Friday June 21st or Friday July 19th. To register login to our parent portal and under current classes, search for the program “Assessment Day” and book the time and level that works for you!

What Will My Child Learn During the Week?

We have a whole variety of lessons taking place throughout the week. Your child will participate in our usual skill building lessons, our survival lesson and, at the end of the week, will have an assessment lesson to measure all the progress your child will have made in only one week!

During our survival lesson kids will learn what it’s like to swim with their clothes on, how to call for and receive help, how to tread water, and more.

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