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What Are The Advantages Of Repetition In Learn To Swim Lessons?

What are the Advantages of Repetition in Learn to Swim Lessons?

The design of the KCS curriculum focuses on repetition of skills to help your child master the basics of swimming. Repetition is so important because it helps develop muscle memory, correct form, and builds your child’s confidence in the water. Children thrive on repetition and it creates a comfortable environment where they can learn.

Muscle Memory

Especially with the safety skills taught at KCS it is important that your child has muscle memory of what to do in case they were to fall in the water. The repetitiveness of these skills helps them kick in in moments of stress or anxiety.

Skill Development

Repetition of a skill in a warm and comfortable environment will help your child not only learn and maintain swimming skills but build their confidence while they’re at it. If they feel comfortable, they are more likely to want to try new things and be more confident to try the skills they practice every week on their own. The more time a child spends on a skill the more time their aquatic educator will be able to provide feedback until they have mastered the skill and are ready to move to the next step in their learn to swim journey.

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