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Personalized Service

As a parent you face a myriad of choices for your child every day and choosing a place to swim is a big one. Every family has different needs and every child learns at their own pace. That’s why Kids Can Swim is committed to providing a unique and tailored learning experience to each and every one of our swimmers.

At Kids Can Swim we deliver a high-quality, personalized experience thanks to:

  • Our small and dedicated team of professional aquatic educators who take the time to get to know your child, their individual learning style and who they are as people;
  • Our boutique, purpose-built and sparkling clean facilities with UV-filtered pool water;
  • Our small number of classes – no more than five classes going on at the same time – and low-ratio of kids to aquatic educators;
  • Our flexible schedule that allows you to swim and a time and date that suits your needs; and
  • Lessons tailored to the needs of your kids with individual monthly assessments allowing them to progress at their own unique pace.

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