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Swimming Lessons Available Now

We are excited to offer our usual low-ratio group lessons in a COVID-Safe environment available with details below. Find your child’s KCS level now by using our KCS Level Finder.

Babies Group Lessons

  • 4 x 30-minute lessons with a 6:1 Babies-to-Aquatic Educator ratio;
  • 1 parent per baby in the water;
  • For babies 3 – 36 months old;
  • Have fun, learn the basics of swimming, and bond with baby;
  • Monthly safety and survival week with optional clothes on activities to simulate falls;
  • Lessons in our warm, shiver-free and shallow pools.

Price: $126/month + HST

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Kids Low-Ratio Group Lessons

  • 4 x 30-minute lessons with a 3:1 or 4:1 Child-to-Aquatic Educator ratio;
  • No parents in the water needed;
  • For kids 3 – 13 years old;
  • Have fun, learn to swim and build your child’s confidence;
  • 60% + of Active Learning Time (Time that your child is moving and taking instructions);
  • Lessons in our warm, shiver-free and shallow pools.

Price: $126/month + HST

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* We do not provide refunds/credits for missed classes.

How Monthly Lessons Work

Our facility operates on a recurring monthly subscription basis so instead of sessions you sign up for the month of swimming. The subscription includes 1 weekly lesson at the same swim time and date or a total of 4 lessons per month.

If you are registering for a class mid-month, you would pay a prorated fee for the remaining classes in the month, and regular recurring monthly billing would begin on the 1st of the next month.

The subscription automatically renews on the 21st of the month for the following month of swimming with your same swim time and date unless you choose to cancel.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract? How do I Cancel?

While you register for classes on a calendar monthly basis, and your subscription renews automatically each month with your same swim time and date, there is no contract.

To cancel your subscription all you need to do is to log in to your parent portal account and cancel the class before the 20th of the month.

For step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your enrolment, please click on this link to watch a short video.

How to Register

Registration for our classes begins by creating an account on our parent portal at this link. Once you’ve created an account and added your swimmers, you can search for classes, see available classes and register for them or add yourself to a waitlist for a class. Click on this link to watch our step-by-step videos for registration!

What if I Miss a Class – Do You Have Makeups?

Each swimmer registered in a low-ratio group lesson is entitled to one (1) make-up lesson per month (12 per year) if they have missed a class for any reason.

Make-up classes can only be scheduled when your child is a registered swimmer at KidsCanSwim.  If you cancel your registration, your unused token is no longer valid.

The make-up tokens are automatically issued and visible in your Parent Portal,  following their missed class. You do not have to do anything. Make-up tokens are valid for sixty (60) days after the date on which the absence occurred.

Make-up tokens can only be used to book a make-up class 7 days in advance.

As a matter of courtesy to others, we appreciate you notifying us of upcoming absence(s) as early as possible via the Parent Portal.  This will make a space in a class for others who may be looking to schedule a make-up the day of your absence. However, you will only be able to book a make-up class after you have missed your scheduled class by using your make-up token which will be automatically issued on your Account.

Make-up token(s) are non-transferrablenon-refundable, have no cash value, and can not be used to pay an outstanding balance or towards any future tuition payments.

Learning Guarantee

We know our product works and that if kids attend their weekly lessons regularly, they will progress through our program and become confident and safe swimmers for life.

To that end, we offer a learning guarantee to all our swimmers who are 3 years old and above that states if your child has met the below criteria and still not passed their level, their lessons are free until they do:

  1. Attended 20 swimming lessons;
  2. Has not had a break in their enrolment (eg. did not take a break from lessons for a month or more); and,
  3. Has maintained 90% attendance in their classes.

After your child has initially qualified for the learning guarantee, to retain the free lessons, they must maintain a 90% attendance rate in their classes and must not take a break from monthly lessons – otherwise the learning guarantee will be removed.

What’s Safety Week?

Every month includes Safety Week training, where we work on core survival skills. Kids will learn what it’s like to swim with their clothes on, how to call for and receive help, how to tread water, and more.

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