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Our Favourite Snacks for Our Swimmers

Though swimming might be on hold for a little while, we know your kids are still finding ways to be healthy and active especially as the days get warmer! At KidsCanSwim we know how important a healthy diet is and so we wanted to give you some tips on the best snacks to eat before and after swimming (or other activities) to help fuel your kids for success!

Sometimes it’s hard to pick something that’s filling, healthy and that your kids will actually eat! Here are some of our favourite post- and pre-activity snacks that your kids will love.

Pre-Activity Snacks:

-Fruit Smoothies! A densely packed fruit smoothie is perfect for before a lesson as it doesn’t feel too heavy and won’t cause bloating, but it’s still filled with protein and carbs to keep you or your kids going. One of our favourites is peach, mango, raspberry and coconut water! ( add some spinach or kale to sneak those veggies in- no one will be able to tell!)

-Apple and Peanut Butter! Simply cutting up an apple and adding some peanut butter (and maybe a sprinkle of granola for a twist) is a great snack filled with protein to give your kids plenty of energy. You can use cookie cutters to cut out stars, fish or any other cool shapes your kids love.

-Baked Oatmeal! A small serving of oatmeal, mixed with berries and bananas for natural sweetness, will get digested more slowly than high sugar granola bars and will provide fuel throughout your swimming lesson or activity. Make a big batch of oatmeal and get your kids to “design their own” fillings or check out this recipe for apple cinamon oatmeal cups.

Post-Activity snacks:

-Whole wheat pita, veggies and hummus! This snack is a little more filling which is why it’s best to eat after swimming as it leaves you full for longer. The pita has slow releasing carbs which will keep kids full and satisfied.

-Whole grain pasta with grilled veggies and sauce of your choice! Healthy carbs are super important to replenish energy sources after a long workout. This meal is also great to eat the night before lessons as it provides tons of energy and carbs for the next day.

-Chocolate Milk! Adults and kids alike love chocolate milk after a workout because it provides a great a mix of carbs and protein to repair your muscles…and it tastes amazing.

Whatever fuel you choose, a healthy diet with plenty of swimming or dry land swim training can keep your kids healthy, happy, and  can keep the hunger monsters at bay! Keep an eye out for our dryland activities for you and your kids coming to our Facebook and Instagram pages soon!

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