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What Is Active Learning Time?

What is Active Learning Time?

 Traditional methods for teaching swimming rely on kids spending most the time sitting on the side of the pool waiting their turn. Since the pool is too deep for kids to stand, instructors need to work one-on-one with each child. This means kids only end up swimming for a small percentage of their lesson! At KCS, thanks to our shallow pools where kids can always touch the bottom, low-ratio classes and specialized teaching methods, our kids spend a minimum of 60% of their lesson actively learning during each lesson – our Active Learning Time guarantee.

The research behind our science-based proprietary curriculum shows that kids learn best by doing, which is why we want to maximize the time they are off the wall swimming. When kids are moving and learning, they won’t be bored, will have more fun and will enjoy practicing their swimming skills not sitting on a cold pool deck for minutes at a time. Our fun based lessons will keep your child moving and entertained while they learn lifesaving skills.

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