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Benefits Of Monthly Assessments

Benefits of Monthly Assessments

With our 4-week lesson breakdowns your child will be assessed every month on the skills they have learned during this period. These individual assessments mean your Aquatic Educator can more closely monitor your child’s progress and pinpoint any areas that need more attention or improvement.

Monthly assessments also help kids who learn at a different pace. Is your child a natural born fish that excels at swimming? Monthly lessons will let them level up when they pass their skills, not just at the end of a fixed session, leading to faster progressions.

On the other hand, is your child a bit nervous around water or needs more time and repetition to get the hang of difficult swimming skills? At KCS there is no fixed session or time period that your child needs to pass a level by. This gives them the time and freedom to focus on their swimming skills at their own pace. It also means no child fails to pass a level at the end of session and watch their peers pass – as all kids pass levels at their own pace that is just right for them, no one gets left behind.

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