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Benefits Of Swimming In The Winter

Benefits of Swimming in the Winter

Swimming does not have to be a seasonal activity for your child. At KCS with our purpose-built facilities, children never have to worry about being cold. Our pools are always heated to 90F, to ensure shiver free lessons. Our family friendly change rooms also come equipped with blow dryers, so parents never have to worry about their children going outside with cold wet hair.

Worried about catching a cold after a lesson? Studies have shown that swimming in the winter does not increase your child’s risk of catching a cold. In fact, exercise will lower your child’s risk of getting sick and boost their immune system.

With our monthly billing period and makeup tokens you don’t have to worry about missing swimming lessons for the winter holidays or going on vacation. Our flexibility allows you to plan swimming lessons around your life and not the other way around, so you can make swimming a year-long activity.

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