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Why Our Pools Are Kept A Toasty 90F

Why our Pools are Kept a Toasty 90F

Our pools are kept warm for both babies and children because they learn better when they are comfortable. KCS was built with the sole purpose of teaching babies and children to swim and to make swimming lessons a more relaxing environment to learn in. Traditional swimming lessons are often taught in large pools that cater to a wide variety of people – from water polo, to lane swimming, to aquafit – these pools  can have lots of noise and distractions, as well as cold water temperatures.

Many young children, especially those who are a bit nervous around water, will be less willing to try new skills and learn when they are shivering or overwhelmed. This is why both KCS pools are always heated to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and are shallow enough that your child can touch the bottom. This takes the fear out of swimming lessons and allows your child to focus on having fun, pushing themselves to try new skills, and focus on learning!

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