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How We Keep Your Kids Focused And Learning During Swimming Lessons

How We Keep Your Kids Focused and Learning During Swimming Lessons

We’ve all seen it – kids fooling around and not paying attention to their teachers. While this happens to all kids, children with pre-existing behavioural issues can be especially prone to distraction. At KidsCanSwim we pride ourselves on training our aquatic educators and providing them with the tools to work with kids with a wide variety of behavioural issues. Some of those tools include:

Structured Lesson Plans 

Our structured lesson plans are designed to provide kids with predicable lessons that focuses on skills development first, with learning through play built in. Since your kids will receive the same structure each lesson, they know when its time to learn and when its time to play.

Fair and Clear Correction Policy

At KidsCanSwim, off task behavior will never be met with frustration. Our fair and clear three step policy focuses on positive reinforcement first, a warning second, and sitting out quickly if the behaviour continues. We strive for a positive experience each and every time your kids come to our class.

Active Learning Time 

Active Learning Time is the amount of time your child spends either taking instruction or swimming and practicing their skills – and it can be found in abundance at KidsCanSwim. During our low-ratio group classes we guarantee 60% active learning time for each child and this percentage jumps to 95% during our private lessons! Through a combination of lesson plans and training focused on getting everyone moving your kids won’t stand around waiting their turn and boredom won’t turn into fooling around.

Behavioural Momentum

There is a term used in the behavioral science field called behavioral momentum.  Behavioral momentum is enriched throughout KCS lesson plans each week. The idea is that your child will be initially asked to perform activities in the water that we know they will be able to achieve confidently. As your child continues to experience success, their belief and comfort in the water will grow. Eventually when the curriculum becomes more challenging, your child will now feel more confident and motivated to try something challenging and will be less inclined to “act out” to avoid having to try the challenging task.

In short, our Aquatic Educators are well equipped to teach lessons in which behavior concerns exist- within reason. Our training ensures that staff know proper and effective communication to ensure classes operate smoothly. We are excited to see you in the pool.

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