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How KidsCanSwim Maximizes Active Learning Time

How KidsCanSwim Maximizes Active Learning Time

At KidsCanSwim we know your kids come to the pool to learn to swim – not to sit around, wait their turn or fool around! That’s why our curriculum is focused on Active Learning Time – the amount of time your child spends taking instruction or practicing their skills – and you can bet there’s a lot of it at KidsCanSwim. But how does KCS guarantee so much Active Learning Time?

Structured Lesson Plans with Concise Communication 

At KCS, we have a variety of tools to ensure our Aquatic Educators (AEs) are reaching their Active Learning Time goals. Rather than new lesson plans written by each instructor, our lesson plans are already written and part of a structured curriculum. This means our lessons flow smoothly every time, that your child gets consistency week to week, and that you see predictable and fast progress in your child’s skills.

As part of our lesson plans we also have consistent and fast communications for all of our skills. With these communications our AEs can ensure your kids understands the skills they’re trying to learn and can get moving quickly!

Ongoing Assessment and Training for our Aquatic Educators 

All of our Aquatic Educators (AEs) receive at minimum 40 extra hours of KCS-specific training on top of their Lifeguarding and Swim Instructor qualifications. After their initial training we also make sure we track their progress through skills assessments to make sure they are teaching to the KCS standard.

One of the ways we assess our AEs is by measuring the amount of Active Learning Time they have in each lesson and providing ongoing support. Through frequent assessment and training KCS leads the way in keeping boredom at bay so that your child can get more active time in the water.

Our Lessons Are Really Fun!

Boredom is a vicious circle. When kids are bored, they start fooling around leading to off-task behaviour. This can then lead to discipline all of which takes away from time spent practicing and learning. Our science-based curriculum not only keeps kids busy but is based on learning through play ensuring that your kids have tons of fun while staying busy! Not only will this lead to quicker progress but they will also love coming to KCS each week.

Thanks to our science-based curriculum, highly-trained Aquatic Educators and ongoing training we maximize every child’s Active Learning Time. With the ideal balance of fun, skill acquisition and practice we know your child will take leaps and bounds in their swimming skills.

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