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Water Sports – Underwater Hockey Edition!

As a proudly Canadian company, we wanted to introduce you to a sport that we love – underwater hockey! Known also as OctoPush, underwater hockey combines our favourite sport, swimming, with one of Canada’s national sports – hockey!

How is it Played?

Underwater hockey has similar rules to ice or road hockey. There are two teams trying to push a puck across the bottom of the pool into the opposing team’s net.

There are 6 players in action on each team and the game usually has two 10 to 15 minute halves. Players hold their breath and dive underwater to try and score a goal. There are positions, just like any sport including forwards, mid-field, and defensive players. The only difference is there is no goalie position – no one could hold their breath for that long!

Can I play?

Recreating the game is easy since you only need a few pieces of equipment. A diving mask, fins, a short foot-long stick and a weighted puck are all that’s required.The great thing about underwater hockey is just about anyone can play! As long as you are comfortable swimming for 15 minutes and holding your breath, it doesn’t matter how old, strong or fit you are.

Once quarantine is over, take a few KidsCanSwim private swimming lessons, grab a few friends and try it out for yourself!

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