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Why Choose Private Swimming Lessons For Your Kids?

Why Choose Private Swimming Lessons for your Kids?

As a parent, you make a hundred decisions for your kids every day. From what they will eat in the morning, to what they’ll wear that day (the batman costume again?), picking and choosing between the 100s of options out there can seem daunting. That’s why KCS is here to help make the choice between private swimming lessons or group lessons!

While both group and private swimming lessons offer tons of advantanges, ultimately the choice comes down to each unique child and their families. A few of the main reasons people choose private swimming lessons include:

100% Aquatic Educator Focus

At KidsCanSwim we ensure all our kids in group lessons get a minimum of 60% active learning time – but during a private swimming lesson our Aquatic Educators can provide 100% of their focus to your child. This also allows our Aquatic Educators to tailor their teaching to your child’s learning style – whether it be visual, active, auditory or a mix of all three!

More critically for some kids, private swimming lessons allow our Aquatic Educators to work with your child’s unique personality and learning abilities. Whether they have a tough time focusing in group lessons, need a bit more support than other kids or are breezing through their level – private swimming lessons are the place to go for individual focus.

Specific Skills – Just for your Child

Since there is only one child in the class, our Aquatic Educators are able to completely customize the lesson to your child’s specific needs. Whether they need to nail their back float, improve their kicking or finally figure out free style breathing, we can focus on exactly what needs work! It also provides your child with more active swimming time and will lead to faster progression through our levels.


While you might assume that group classes are more affordable because the cost per lesson is lower, that’s not the whole story. In private swimming lessons, kids will get more one-on-one attention and have their classes tailored to their needs. This means kids frequently progress hrough their levels much faster leading to long term cost savings for you!


Whatever choice you make, at KidsCanSwim your kids will have fun in the water while learning to be safe and water confident. With our proprietary and science-based curriculum taught by our highly trained and super fun Aquatic Educators, learning to swim isn’t just a fun activity, it’s a life skill. Come check out the KidsCanSwim difference today!

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