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Why Choose Low-Ratio Group Swimming Lessons For Your Kids?

Why Choose Low-Ratio Group Swimming Lessons for Your Kids?

Even the littlest kids know that less people means more cake! At KidsCanSwim, we apply that same philosophy to our swimming lessons. All of our group classes offer low-ratios, starting in our beginner levels at 3 kids to 1 aquatic educator.

Top 3 Benefits of Low-Ratio Swimming Lessons

Fewer Distractions

It doesn’t matter how skilled the teacher – more kids in a class means more disruptions whether it be more goofing off or a higher chance of personality conflicts. As a result, discipline takes up more time and less learning can happen.

More One-on-One Teaching Time

With our smaller class sizes, our aquatic educators get to know our kids as individuals. This allows them to focus parts of the lesson on your child’s specific areas of improvement and tailor their teaching to your child’s style of learning. This means your kids get more one-on-one attention. At the same time they also get the benefits of socializing and learning with other kids their age.

Building a Community

Part of the joy of swimming lessons is meeting new people with similar interests. Our low-ratio classes allow our parents and swimmers to get to know each other and build relationships both at and away from the pool. Meeting new people and developing bonds at a young age helps kids build their social skills and become confident around kids their own age.

At KidsCanSwim our small class sizes allow our aquatic educators to build strong relationships with kids and create a feeling of connection and community at the pool helping us build the KCS Family!  We would love for you to join in today!

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