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What Is Assessment Week?

What is Assessment Week?

Every child progresses at different rates, so swimming lessons should be able to keep up with them. Unlike session based lessons with a fixed number of weeks your child will spend in the same level, at KCS your child will be assessed on their swimming skills every month during our assessment weeks. If they pass their assessment, they can immediately move up to the next level.

For children who are speeding through their lessons, monthly assessments allow them to progress their skills faster not having to wait around until the session is done.

For kids that need a bit more time to learn their skills, monthly assessments mean they aren’t failing a level and watching their class mates advance –  they can take the time they need to learn key swimming skills.

Monthly assessments also help us monitor your child’s progress, checking on the skills that they have mastered and need to be extended on. It also allows our Aquatic Educators to understand which skills a child may be weaker in and focus on those skills specifically during lessons.

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