How is KCS Different From Traditional Swimming Lessons? - KidsCanSwim Canada
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KidsCanSwim was created to provide a whole new way of teaching swimming lessons. Unlike traditional lessons given in big multi-purpose facilities with deep, cold, busy pools, our facility was designed with the sole purpose of teaching kids to swim.

Our shallower pool is 0.8m deep and designed to teach toddlers and younger kids to swim so that they can always touch the bottom – no need for tot-docks or sitting on the side waiting their turn. Our second pool is a bit deeper at 1.1m deep and is designed for older kids to learn to swim, practice their skills and do laps while still feeling safe. Both pools are heated to comfortable 32 degrees Celsius, so there’s no shivering!

Children can push themselves further and progress faster when they feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment which is why KCS has two specialized pool with different depths for teaching.

Our curriculum is science-based, and focused on how the body moves and learns in the water. Children learn by doing, not just by sitting on the side and watching which is why 60% of every lesson is spent moving and practicing skills – no sitting on the wall waiting! All kids’ classes have a low 3:1 or 4:1 child-to-Aquatic Educator ratio.

With our proprietary curriculum we provide monthly safety and survival weeks where children focus on key safety skills like yelling for help, treading water, and providing flotation devices to people in need. During these weeks we also encourage kids to bring a set of clothes for swimming in to simulate falls. Safety skills aren’t learned from watching an instructor – they’re learned through practice!

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