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What Is Survival Week?

What is Survival Week?

All parents know that swimming is an important life skill for their children to develop. This is especially true in Canada where we are surrounded by oceans, lakes, and rivers. Unfortunately, drowning is one of the top causes of death for children under 4. At KCS, we believe swimming lessons should be taught with the intention of promoting water safety and to teach children how to avoid a water emergency and some practical skills in case of an accident.

Every month KCS has an entire week dedicated to safety and survival skills. Survival Week is a period where swimmers get the opportunity to learn water-survival skills in the controlled environment of our Centre. Children can come clothed if they wish to provide a more realistic experience to how it would feel if they fell in the water unattended.

Kids and babies will learn how to enter and exit the pool safely, how to call for and receive help, how to tread water and more.

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