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The Benefits Of Goggles

The Benefits of Goggles

It is an important safety skill for children to learn to open their eyes underwater. We don’t want you child to be afraid of putting their head underwater or getting water in their eyes. Using goggles to early will prevent them from learning these important skills and feeling comfortable in the water with or without goggles. Once your child advances to our intermediate classes, goggles are a great tool to keep kids comfortable while they focus more on stroke technique and having their face in the water for longer periods of time. Being comfortable will enable them to push themselves further and focus more on learning.

At KCS we have very low levels of chlorine thanks to our UV filtration system. However, goggles are still a great tool as they allow kids to see normally underwater, protect their eyes when learning to swim strokes and are super fun for playing games at the end of each lesson.

At KCS we have fantastic goggles that are specially designed for little heads. They are available for purchase at the front desk. If possible, have your child try on their goggles at home in the bathtub for the first time so they get used to the feeling of goggles and try to get them to look underwater. This will help ease the transition to a larger pool.

Comfort in the water is the first step to creating a strong swimmer.

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