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What Does It Mean To Be Purpose-Built?

What Does it Mean to be Purpose-Built?

KidsCanSwim is a purpose-built facility. But what does this mean?

Simply put, our Centre was designed from the ground up to create an exceptional learning environment for babies and kids swimming lessons. We focus on providing a comfortable environment where kids have fun while learning. Some of our unique features are:

  1. Warm, Shallow Pools – Our water is heated to a balmy, shiver-free 32 degrees and we have two pool depths for teaching so kids can always touch the bottom and feel safe while trying new skills.
  2. Science-Based Curriculum – Our proprietary curriculum was designed for the purpose of teaching young children the basics of swimming and lifesaving skills. Through structured lesson plans, frequent repetition and tons of fun we create a perfect learning environment.
  3. Dedicated Aquatic Educators – Our AEs come to us with all the necessary certifications and receive over 40 hours of training. More importantly, a prerequisite of working at KCS is a love of kids and of teaching!

We want every child who leaves KCS to swim safely and love water. Each lesson your child takes at KCS will get them closer to this goal while increasing their confidence both in and out of the water.

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