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Benefits Of Swimming In The Winter

Benefits of Swimming in the Winter

With winter around the corner, it is important that your child continues their swimming journey. It may be cold outside, but inside KCS it is nice and warm!

Our pools are heated to 32 degrees to prevent any shivering. It will feel like a tropical vacation during these cold months. Inside our family friendly change rooms we have warm showers, warm air and plenty of blow dryers to make sure your kids stay warm during and after their lesson as well.

One common misconception is that swimming in the winter or going outside with damp hair will give you a cold. You are at as much of a risk of catching the common cold or flu with dry hair since it is transferred between people. Swimming and exercise help the development of a healthy immune system, so in fact continuing with lessons during the winter can lower your child’s chances of getting sick.

It is also important to remember that like any skill, practice makes perfect. Taking 4 to 6 months off from swimming lessons will hinder your child’s progress and they make regress in some skills they learned over the summer months. This is especially important for babies and toddlers who are just starting to develop long-term skill retention. Continuing swimming lessons year-round will make your child a stronger and more comfortable swimmer for life!

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