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How Swimming Lessons Adapt To Different Learning Styles

How Swimming Lessons Adapt to Different Learning Styles

If there’s one certain thing it’s that kids are always learning! That’s why at KidsCanSwim we spend so much time focusing not only on the skills we are teaching our kids but on how we are teaching those skills. Kids learn in different ways and at KCS we make sure our instructors always teach with below principles in mind.

Science-Based Curriculum Built for Visual, Auditory and Sensory Learners

Every child is unique and at KidsCanSwim our curriculum is designed to ensure kids of all different learning styles are catered to. For visual learners, our Aquatic Educators (AEs) are taught to demonstrate new skills first so kids can see how it’s done. For auditory learners, our AEs use the same communications for the same skills in every lesson ensuring your kids get consistent and simple information making learning easier. Finally for our sensory learners, our AEs provide gentle physical corrections to make sure incorrect strokes or technique are caught and dealt with early.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition with Active Learning Time

Thought kids may learn in different ways, the best way to learn any skill is through repetition. In traditional swimming lessons, kids in group lessons would practice a skill one by one, with a lot of waiting. Not only does this lead to boredom and misbehaviour but it also means kids are only practicing their skills for 25% of the time at best. At KidsCanSwim we guarantee your kids will be moving at learning at minimum 60% of the time in our groups lessons and a whopping 95% of the time in our private lessons. It takes frequent practice to master a skill and at KidsCanSwim we believe in consistent teaching and ensure ample practice time!

Frequent Feedback and Tailored Lessons

No matter a kids’ age or ability – they love feedback! At KCS our Aquatic Educators are all trained to give understandable and concise feedback during your child’s lesson both through verbal feedback and through frequent physical corrections. Not only that, during our monthly assessments our On Deck Leads track your child’s progress providing you with an online update through our parent portal and providing your kids with constructive feedback on areas to improve and positive feedback on the skills they have mastered.

All kids are learn in their own way at a unique pace. At KidsCanSwim, we provide swimming lessons that cater to all learning styles while providing your kids with the feedback and progress tracking they need to succeed. Come see the KCS Difference today!

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