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3 Things You Might Not Know About Swimming Instructors

3 Things You Might Not Know About Swimming Instructors

How does one wake up and think that they want to become a swimming instructor? Every staff here at KCS loves what they do. Our staff come from varying backgrounds to come together to produce quality instruction to your children.

They Have Spent Hours Training For This

Most of our Aquatic Educators (AEs) began their swimming career path like your kids – with swimming lessons! In fact, they loved swimming so much that, after years of practice, when they finished the reached the highest level of regular swimming lessons, they took the next step into aquatic leadership. All our team KCS team members have worked their way through the bronze star, bronze medallion, the bronze cross, their swimming instructor qualification and the national lifesaving course (NLS)! That’s well over 100 hours of training in aquatic leadership alone!

Once at KCS, They Spend Even More Time Training!

To work as an Aquatic Educator (AE) at KCS not only did our AEs have to complete all the regular lifeguard and swim instructor training, they were given an additional 40 hours of KCS specific training too! Our KCS training focuses on how to deliver our science-based curriculum, best techniques for correcting swimming strokes early so bad habits don’t form, how to work with kids with different abilities, and so much more! So, when we say you are getting the best lessons with the best instructors, we mean it!

They Are Dedicated to Teaching

For some, teaching swimming lessons is just one part of their job. They might also spend time in administration, on-deck lifeguarding and teaching aquatic leadership courses. At KidsCanSwim our Aquatic Educators only have one job – to teach your kids to swim safely and confidently! Not only do all our Aquatic Educators have lifeguarding and swim instructor qualifications – they’ve all chosen to work at KidsCanSwim because they are dedicated to teaching the life-saving skill of swimming and they love working with kids.

To be an Aquatic Educator at KidsCanSwim takes patience, dedication, drive, compassion and skill. We are so proud of our team and know you will be too. Some come meet our AEs in person and experience the KCS difference today!

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