Triple Canadian Olympic Medalist Joins #KidsCanSwimCanada - KidsCanSwim Canada
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Triple Canadian Olympic Medalist Joins #KidsCanSwimCanada

Triple Canadian Olympic Medalist Joins #KidsCanSwimCanada to Bring Purposely-Built Swim Schools for Children to This Country with the First in Ottawa

For Immediate Release: Olympic double gold medalist, in synchronized swimming, Carolyn Waldo has teamed up with KidsCanSwim Canada to bring the first-ever purposely-built learn to swim school to Canada starting its first centre in Kanata with a proprietary and science based curriculum.

As an Olympic Champion swimmer, Carolyn almost drowned as a child and understands the value of shallow pools, warm water and highly trained professionals when learning how to swim and that is exactly what KidsCanSwim Canada brings to the market.

Waldo says, “As a child who almost drowned and became terrified of the water, I recognized the importance of learning how to swim. What drew me to this program is the life-saving skill children will learn in a safe and highly structured environment. The atmosphere will be fun and inviting with warm and shallow water. It’s time to make learning how to swim fun again!”

The team at KidsCanSwim Canada believes that swimming is a key life skill and knows that kids learn better when they are in a safe and comfortable environment and when they’re having fun. As such, they have purposely built their pools with kids in mind. The water of their two pools is no more than 4ft deep so kids feel safe while learning and the water temperature is always kept at 32C or above (no shivering) to ensure that kids are comfortable and never distracted from their lessons. Moreover, their online booking systems allows parents to register and/or modify their classes 24/7 and KidsCanSwim Canada even provides free make-up sessions.

KidsCanSwim Canada co-Founder and vice-president of Guest Experience Tegan Owen says, “Our research strongly indicated that for busy parents great and dedicated instructors for the kids, in addition to flexibility and ease in online scheduling for the parents, were paramount to their selection of a program for their children.” Our partner, Steve Clark, has helped open 12 centres in Australia over 20 years and has extensive experience with this kind of child-centric approach so we studied there numerous times to learn about the process.

Hugues Boisvert, founder and CEO of well-known HazloLaw-Business Lawyers and HazloCapital-Investment Partners and executive chairman of KidsCanSwim Canada says, “When we studied this innovative approach to teaching children, while offering an alternative to community pools, we knew this was something Canada needed. We are a swimming country in lakes, oceans or pools, and we need to equip our kids with a life skill for safety and fun around water in a way that’s convenient for their parents. Our business plan is to open 3 to 5 centres in Ottawa in the next 18 to 24 months and we are delighted that Carolyn Waldo embraced our vision.”

The first pools are currently under construction and located at 280 Didsbury Road, in Kanata, just off Terry Fox Drive and close to all amenities and the Queensway.

KidsCanSwim Canada will be open in September and will start registering children with its easy and no wait system starting in August. For more information, please visit

About Carolyn Waldo: At the 1988 Summer Olympics Waldo became the first Canadian female to win 2 gold medals at the same Olympics, after capturing double gold in synchronized swimming. She was a sports broadcaster for decades and is now doing what she loves, teaching and educating people about the importance of fitness.

About KidsCanSwim Canada: KidsCanSwim Canada operates purpose-built swim schools for children and the team believes that swimming is a key life skill. The team knows that kids learn better when they are in a safe and comfortable environment and when they’re having fun. The curriculum is cutting edge, driven by a plan that combines Technique + Practical Situations to achieve a full and complete swimming education. In order to graduate to the next level, the monthly assessments allow kids to learn at their own pace and are based on passing both the technical and practical tests. KidsCanSwim Canada offers classes to parents and babies from 3 months to 3 years old and lessons to kids from 3 to 12 years old.

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