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#KidsCanSwimCanada is coming soon to Kanata!

We are thrilled to announce that KidsCanSwim will be opening its first location in Kanata and we want to let the world know what makes KidsCanSwim lessons so incredibly different from swimming lessons of the past.

At KidsCanSwim, we believe that swimming is a key life skill, one that kids can start learning early. We offer classes parents and babies from 3 months to 3 years old and lessons to kids from 3 – 12 years old.

We also know that kids learn better when they are in a safe and comfortable environment and when they’re having fun. As such, we have purposely built our pools with kids in mind. Our water is no more than 4ft deep so kids feel safe while learning and our water temperatures are always kept at 32C or above to ensure our kids are comfortable (no shivering!) and never distracted from their lessons.

Our curriculum and lessons plans are cutting edge, driven not only by theory and technique but by a focus on practical skills. Much like learning to drive a car, you need both the theory and the real life experience of getting behind the wheel.

We have applied this concept to our own proprietary curriculum which combines Techniques + Practical Situations to achieve a full and complete swimming education. In order to graduate to the next level, our monthly assessments allow kids to learn at their own pace and are based on passing both the technical and practical tests. While technique is critical, we know our kids need real-life experience and water confidence to keep them safe in the real world.

We also know that a great curriculum isn’t enough. Hence, at KidsCanSwim, we have highly qualified teachers all of whom are certified as lifeguards and swimming instructors by both either the Red Cross and/or the Lifesaving Society of Canada. Further, we provide an additional 40 hours of training in the water and in the classroom. We hire our teachers based not only on their skills and qualifications but on their ability to connect with our kids, their focus on making swimming fun, and their ability to provide individual attention and support.

While our swimming lessons are for kids, we also believe in providing the highest quality customer service to parents and we value your time. Our registration is available 24/7, 12 months of the year and based on your schedule and availability – no more waiting for one registration night and no more fighting over 1 or 2 coveted time slots.

Parents will be able to select their preferred lesson time based on multiple time slot offerings and make changes to their swimming time at their leisure. Further, for parents with more than 1 child, our system will allow you to see what lessons are available for your kids so everyone can be in and out within 1 hour. We want to simplify your life and make it easier. In addition, we offer free make up lessons since we understand that life happens and that you cannot always make it – simply, login into your account and re-book your lesson.

Starting at only $99 + HST per month for four (4) 30 minute lessons in a low-ratio class, your kids will learn faster in a fun and safe environment and our convenient registration system will provide time-saving flexibility for parents.

We are changing the landscape of how swimming lessons are delivered in Ottawa but we want to hear from you! We are looking forward to hearing more about what you are looking for when you register your children for swimming lessons.

Please reach out to us and do not forget to sign-up above to stay updated on our opening date.

KidsCanSwim – We are Proudly Canadian.

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