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Open Water Safety

Open Water Safety

In Canada, we are lucky to have so many incredible lakes and rivers! Here are some safety tips for swimming in open water:

  1. Always swim in a designated area as these areas have been checked by the local authorities. Going outside these areas or past barriers could lead to dangerous currents or sharp rocks.
  2. Make sure you and your family never swim alone in an open body of water. Parents should aways remain within arm’s reach of their child regardless or the depth or location of the pool or lake.
  3. Nominate a water-watcher – when kids are swimming, ensure one adult is designated as the water-watcher. When you are the water-watcher, don’t use your phone or otherwise get distracted. It’s your job to keep kids safe! Trade the water-watcher job with another adult after 15-20 minutes so you can stay focused.
  4. Remember to check the weather conditions before heading out and while you are at the location.  If you hear thunder, even if it is in the distance, you and your child should get out immediately.
  5. Dress your child in bright colours that will stand out in murky waters – a bright swim cap is also recommended so they can be spotted easily in case of an emergency.

Following these safety tips can help ensure you and your kids have a great relationship with water and are confident swimmers now and in the future. To improve your child’s water confidence and to keep them safe register them for swimming lessons!

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