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Water Sports – Synchro Edition!

Water Sports – Synchro Edition!

Today we bring you another fantastic water sport: synchronized swimming! This sport, often referred to as synchro, requires a lot of teamwork, trust, skill, and strength. As graceful as it looks, it certainly isn’t easy.

Synchronized swimming teams have anywhere between 4 to 15 members, all ranging in sizes, strengths, and abilities. Simply put, synchro is a blend of dance and cheerleading but done in the water. Routines are set to music, and the performers move through a series of formations while performing acrobatics. Of course, this is all done in the deep end. The swimmers are treading water the entire time, even while lifting and throwing each other out of the pool!

Synchronized swimmers have to wear a nose plug since many moves are done upside down, using only small arm movements for support. If you think about it, it might be the closest way to be a mermaid! Swimmers are not only swimming and holding their breath for long periods of time, but also performing and portraying an illusion of ease and grace. Synchro relies on teamwork and synchronicity, as well as one’s ability to keep a rhythm.

Joanna - Star Synchro swimmer & amazing Aquatic Educator

Joanna – Synchro Swimmer & Awesome Aquatic Educator

Here’s what Joanna, a Kids Can Swim Kanata’s Aquatic Educator has to say about the sport:

“As a retired synchronized swimmer, I know how hard it is to be keeping track of formations, timing, skills, all while trying to stay oriented in the water! And as a coach, I loved creating routines and teaching them to my team. In the end, synchronized swimming taught be so many skills. It’s a really fun way to make friends, get active, and most importantly, swim!”

Synchronized swimming is just one of many sports swimming unlocks for your kids. Check out KidsCanSwim’s awesome low-ratio group lessons and help your kids embrace their inner underwater ballerina!

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