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How Are Our Aquatic Educator’s Trained?

How Are Our Aquatic Educator’s Trained?

At KCS, we know our aquatic educators are the most critical component of our learn to swim lessons. They’re the ones building strong relationships with your kids— pushing them to test their boundaries at their own pace so they can become confident, skilled swimmers.

Our awesome Aquatic Educators (AEs) not only have all the required certifications but also receive an additional 40 hours of proprietary KCS training in the pool and on land, to ensure that they have all the skills to teach your child how to swim safely. They also attend multiple shadow shifts with an experienced Educator to practice their skills and learn from their peers before taking on their own class.

Every month, we also hold refresher training sessions so our AEs can share tips and tricks they have learned from working with our KCS families, as well as learn new skills from our team leads. At KCS we are all about learning, for life. We want to instill these values in not only our swimmers but also our staff members.

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