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Doors Opened By Learning To Swim

Doors Opened by Learning to Swim

Not learning to swim, can limit your child in a number of ways. First, Canada is full of lakes and bordered by oceans, which means there is plenty of opportunities for outdoor swimming to occur in the summertime months. Many Ontarians have cottages in the province and in Quebec – teaching your children to swim will allow them to participate in boat rides, swimming in the lake, kayaking, or canoeing. These classic summertime activities all present a risk to children who haven’t learned how to swim or been taught emergency lifesaving skills if they fall in the water without a lifejacket. KCS swimming lessons with our focus on water safety will help your child prepare for any adventures they may find in the great outdoors.

Not only does learning to swim benefit your child’s outdoor experiences, but it can also open up a whole new world of sports for them to try. Many water-based supports such as speed swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, and diving require beginners to have at least basic swimming skills and be able to swim in the deep end. KCS will provide your child with the basic swimming skills that will allow them to feel comfortable in larger pools, since they have learned in a safe, scare free environment. Allow your child to experience all that water has to offer by registering them for swimming lessons as soon as possible.

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