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Why Is Swimming A Great Activity For Babies?

Why is Swimming a Great Activity for Babies?

Babies are incredible! In the first few years of life their development, learning and growth is exponential. At the younger ages, there are not many structured activities that babies can do that will support muscle growth and spatial awareness, especially in the first year as babies figure out rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking.

One activity that they CAN do at a young age is swimming! Starting swimming lessons when your baby is 3 months old can help them reach their developmental milestones and build muscle and joint strength. Swimming provides cardiovascular exercise that helps babies’ heart, lungs, brains, and blood vessels. Also bouncing and splashing in the water helps aid the development of your baby’s vestibular system, which is responsible for balance.

Our science-based curriculum incorporates these developmental milestones into our swimming lessons. Everything at KCS is designed with children and babies in mind, to help them grow and gain confidence and lifelong skills in the water.

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