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Why YOU Should Come To Your Child’s Swimming Class

Why YOU Should Come to Your Child’s Swimming Class

While swimming might seem like an individual sport, at KCS we know that behind every great swimmer is a supportive and encouraging family. As parents, every week you make sure your kids are well-fed, get to swimming on time and come with their bathing suits, goggles and towel in tow – no mean feat. But once you arrive at swimming there are even more ways to get involved!

3 Reasons To Come to the Pool

Be There for the Big Moments

While it might seem like all you’re doing is sitting on the sidelines, many kids LOVE showing their parents what they’ve learned. By being there you can give your kids the confidence to push themselves further and be part of that moment when they finally nail that back float or dive down and get a sinking toy for the first time.

Learn to Practice Outside of Class

In swimming, as with all skills in life, practice is the real key to becoming a safe and competent swimmer. Attending lessons with your kids lets you learn some of the come techniques and practices instructors use so you can practice with your kids at family swims or on vacation.

What if I don’t have access to a pool outside of lessons?

There are ways to help the child practice their skills out of the water as well. These skills can be recreated while sitting in a chair, laying on the bed, sometimes in the bathtub of laying on the floor. There are many resources online to help with this or you can ask the child’s instructor for tips and they would be glad to provide tips and tricks to help your child practice their skills being in or out of the pool.

Provide Context to the Instructors

All kids learn at their own unique pace and in different ways. As a parent you both know your kids best and are their biggest advocates. If you think you might have a tip for a child’s instructor please let the On-Deck manager know so that we can work together to help your child become the best swimmer they can be.

No matter how you choose to support your kids, we feel lucky to have such a great KCS Community. Our staff love building relationships not only with the kids they teach every week but also with their parents. We hope to see you at the pool in the near future!

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